Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 1- A picture of yourself with ten facts.

3 Year Old!

  1. My birthday is April 7.
  2. When i lost something i will not stop looking for it until i find it!
  3. I hate togeh
  4. Love Shopping!
  5. I love green tea and Herbalife.
  6. I hate to cook, but love to bake.
  7. I don’t like cigarette– hate the smell
  8. One of my favorite pastimes (more before kids) was traveling —Zoo Negara setiap bulan u!
  9. I like Pingu. ;)
  10. I am not self confident but try to find confident when needed.


  1. nice.....gmbr lama ye....sukalah

  2. owh, so cute...bila dah besar lg cute kan !

  3. patutla amani cute, mama dia pun cute masa kecik2 dulu

  4. comel nye.. so cute.. xjauh beza ng rupa skrang..

  5. azam : yup tuh zaman masa zaman kecik2

    PCL : dah jadi mommy pun.

    QueeN Teratal : comel kan..dgr suara pinggu..

    eira eixora : alaa..tuh dulu masa zamn kecik2 hiiih

    betty : malu lah i dear.hhahhahah weekk**..;p

  6. comelnya kk waktu kecil :) just be yourself okay!

  7. i love these kind of challenges. it helps get to know the blogger behind the computer :) thanks for sharing!